We bring your thought visible

Pokeme.com.bd is a first growing e-commerce service in Bangladesh. We distribute our products all over Bangladesh. Pokeme is a distributed production & logistics company transforming the way online stores manufacture and fulfill merchandise to their consumers.  We are here to listen your need and demand and our team is always ready to provide you the right product. People can find out their needs and also they can make their product by themselves. Pokeme is a largest and very first print on demand platform in Bangladesh. We want to make an opportunity to the creative people who can make crafts and DIY products, they can sell their products here as a seller. Small shop owners who has not lot of knowledge or opportunity to reach their target customers, we are always ready to help them through our site. We takes their products to their potential customers.

Our responsibilities

On the other hand we are also so much careful to our buyers. We always want to make sure best quality product for our buyers. Our QC team 24/7 working for quality control and successful shipping. For the personalize product our team communicate with the buyer for better design and any kind of help. Pokeme wants to grow with you as a family and we together will make pokeme.com.bd a no 1 print on demand e-commerce site in Bangladesh in shaa Allah. Our customer support is working to solve your problem so please just poke us about your problem we will give feedback to you.

Join our team

We always take our sellers as our team member, so they can always reach our management and get suggestions for any kind of improvements. So just register to becoming vendor in pokeme.com.bd, we are always welcome you to be our family member.

Get to know us

One of the first question people always ask about Pokeme is: where does the name pokeme come from?

Back in 2010 some energetic young buddies started business of supply and event management. After gathering lot of experience and for the revolutionary digitalization progress in our country they have decided to go door to door of an individual buyer. Their dream is the service will be rapid fire. Buyer will just knock them and the service will in their door. For this concept our management team decided the name pokeme. Just poke us and we will in your door with your product. The name is a good one indeed, isn’t it?